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WELCOME to the Alliance of Kings Web Site.  We are excited to have you visit us.  We are about advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth.  God gives us two commandments. 1. To love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. 2. To love my neighbor as I love myself. Jesus goes on to explain that loving your neighbor meant,  if you see your neighbor suffering to go assist him.  When you look today, there is suffering everywhere.  Traffficing, drugs, murders, sickness, disease, hate, mental issues, incarceration, etc.  The Alliance of Kings is about going to help the suffering. To show the world that god loves them and wants them to feel that love even in the worst situations. Included on this website are some helpful tips and resources toto have yoiu assist you as you get started on accessing your inheritance. Location does not affect our ability to fulfill our purpose because just as suffering is everywhere so is God’s love and through the Holy Spirit God will meet the need. We welcome you to become a part of our team of Priestly Kings and Queens who are fulfilling God’s commandments. God’s word says those that love Him are those that do His commandments. As a lover of God we welcome you to join us.  Please fillout the form on the other side to join or to get more info. Again, WELCOME!
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Apostle Elect Marilyn Robert Chief Intecessor, Trainer Founder:Jesus Armed Force Academy